Our physics course is designed for those taking a regular high school physics course.  We use animations from a College Physics textbook on Sapling Learning.  Don't let that scare you!  This isn't college level.


Dual enrollment option!  Our introductory chemistry is appropriate for an initial chemistry course and can count for college credit for non-science majors.  It utilizes curriculum available through Sapling Learning, including lots of video and practice problems provided by the author.


We offer both an advanced course (think A.P. Biology) with a dual enrollment option and an introductory course for those who have never had biology.

Szkoła, lekcja anatomii uczniowie oglądają model szkieletu

Best of both worlds...

We offer all you need in a course (with no teacher necessary) at a competitive rate.  Our rate is less than other companies who still teach through paper texts but includes interaction and system feedback throughout.

Expert Teacher assistance when needed!

Everything you need is contained within our courses, so no teacher is necessary.  However, if you get stuck, help is only an email away!


Next Steps...

Courses will start in the fall.  Email us at if you have questions about dual enrollment options (chemistry and advanced biology only)