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Our Vision

Our goal at Science Champion is to provide quality curriculum that students find interesting and engaging.  Science should be fun and we want our lessons to reflect that!

Our Story

Science Champion was founded on the idea that everyone should have access to high-quality curriculum regardless of location and availability of quality teachers.  We can bring teachers to you, via interactive online lessons.

Meet the Founder

Science Champion was founded based on the idea that students can have access to quality instruction whether they're home schooled or from a school district without a qualified teacher.  "Dr. Donnie" grew up in a rural district that did not offer many advanced courses, so it's long been a dream to build a program that allows students from wherever they are to learn science.  He and his wife home school their three boys, who aren't high school age yet, but he wanted to have something ready for them when they get to that point, so Science Champion was born.

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Donnie Cook

Founder & CEO

"Dr. Donnie" has a passion for bringing quality instruction to those who don't have an experienced teacher available to lead them.

Next Steps...

Courses will be available this fall.