Our physics curriculum utilizes videos and animations to bring the theories of Isaac Newton and other great scientists to life.

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Dual Enrollment option!  Our chemistry curriculum follows an introductory college chemistry course that is appropriate for high school or non-science majors in college.

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Introductory/Advanced Biology

Dual Credit Option!  Our advanced course is the equivalent of an AP course and can be taken for dual credit.  The introductory course is a typical high school biology curriculum.

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Engaging With Science

To really learn science, students must engage with it, and that's difficult to do with a textbook.  Our curriculum uses short videos with interactive quizzes and games that keep students interested.

Have a few minutes between piano lessons and soccer practice?  Knock out a couple of Science Champion lessons on your phone or tablet!  The material is available at any time on any platform.

Teacher access is included!  Have a question?  Send us an email and an expert teacher will get back to you with an answer.

Close up of a nerdy teen girl in a checkered shirt holding an open book near a concrete wall with Mendeleev periodic table on it.

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